Who We Are

Wren Designed LLP was hand crafted by two inspired and motivated individuals who founded the company in 2011.  Driving after their aspirations for a more aesthetic and effective world, their target market centered around churches who were in desperate need of help with design.  Driving the design portion, Jonathon Wren followed his father into the business world of design.  Carl Wren Co-Owns Wren Designed LLP with his son as he spearheads the business and relations side of the business while Jonathon does what he can through design and relations as well.

Originally, Wren Designed LLP was called JWren Design and was a small project that mostly consisted of design work with a local church in Glendale, Arizona.  Jonathon along with his father’s help sought after churches in the Phoenix area to grow their business and test the waters.  Continuously expanding, Jonathon decided to rename his business Wren Designed and make his original project of design into a official business.  Wren Designed was formed with one passion in mind, reaching those who need design.

We are not about the next best design or what we are worth, but rather we are about our clients.  At Wren Designed LLP, we hope to pursue a relationship with our clients that goes beyond the business card or website we develop. We hope to relate and connect in a much larger way to provide a bigger and better product as well as enriched lives. Our goal at Wren Designed LLP is to provide a cost effective, relationally oriented,  and quality product that will satisfy and meet all of your needs.

Mostly, we are people.  At Wren Designed LLP we are focused on talking, meeting, and engaging with you and your dreams.  We can take any idea and make it a reality.

Our Team


Design Lead/Owner

Jon was born in Bakersfield, California, but spent most of his life in Chandler, AZ and enjoyed every minute of it! Chandler is where he found his passion for ministry and design.  Seeing an opportunity in churches all around him, he began reaching out to churches and ministries using the gift of design that God has given him. Jon does all he can to help those that need aesthetic assistance, making God’s ministry not only effective but attractive.

Currently, Jon is serving at Life Community Church in Kirkland, Washington as the Generational Discipleship Pastor mentoring children, youth, and adults int heir walk with the Lord.

This is our vision and purpose for founding Wren Designed LLP.  We are here to offer a viable option to churches and non-profits, as well as grow our reach with other businesses.  


Accounts Lead/Owner

Carl oversees project operations, working with clients on site design concepts and layout.  With his marketing, business management, outside sales experience, Wrendesigned’s clients are guided to new initiative ways to reach their target audience and provide a interactive platform that provide a cloud based communication and resource base.  Carl as well brings his over 25 years of church leadership and operations experience and understanding of global ministry needs, outreach, and organization.

Currently, Carl is on staff at a local church in Lubbock, Texas in Family Ministry.

Carl’s passion is to reach others for Christ, and to assist Churches in increasing outreach to their communities spreading God’s Word and Grace.



Sara was born in Twin Falls, Idaho, a small town a couple hours east of Boise.  She pursued many avenues growing up, but finally landed on Graphic Design when she decided to go to college at Northwest Nazarene University.

Her portfolio and experience with design is vast and encompasses web design, layout, as well as print and custom design.  Sara has won several awards including design competitions, been recognized for her work within an academic setting, as well as being recognized for some of her print layout work.

Sara is a valuable asset to our design team.