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Exclusively for our sWipe Away Poverty customers, we are offering a website template package to go alongside your hosted payment page through sWipe Away. This package is priced at $100/year and is everything you can need to get a basic presence online!

Having some sort of web presence is a must today. This is a simple and easy solution to get the basics out there.

You can view our template here.

Looking for a simple solution to online giving? We have a great system to allow custom receipts, designations, and much more! Our payment portal allows you to set up online giving, recurring giving, and even account management. Users will be able to create accounts for easy giving and account management, as well as guest giving. A great way to take your payment page to the next level!

See an example of our payment portal here.

Event registration can be daunting. With Wren Designed, it doesn't have to be! Our event registration solution makes it easy, streamlined, and effective. Our event registration portal allows you to have four customizable event registration pages at the tip of your fingers ready to accept payment and alert you when someone registers. Detailed reports and CSV downloads make it easy to keep track of who is registered and be ready for the big day!

See an example of our event registration page here.

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sWipe Away Poverty Partnership

Wren Designed LLP and Swipe Away Poverty have partnered to offer you a reasonable and pleasing option for your online financial solutions.

Wren Designed has been providing website and graphic solutions for churches for over 6 years and understand the operational needs, and visual witness that is required to reach, attract, and motivate new visitors to come through your church’s front doors. Our sites are interactive, appealing, contain easy functional navigation that will provide increased visitation as well as providing a up to date information center for the existing church members.

Through innovative technologies, creative gifts, and a heart to partner in ministry with churches across the country, Wren Designed provides a cost effective solution and tools to grow your ministry to reach others for Christ in your local areas though our “Turn Key” web site products.

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Who is sWipe Away Poverty?

sWipe Away Poverty is a division of Prolific Business Solutions that was formed with the intention of reducing processing costs for business owners and non-profit organizations, promoting and marketing those businesses and non-profit organizations that participate in the program, and ultimately eliminating global poverty. We look to educate the public on the reality and seriousness of childhood poverty, and ardently work together in eliminating it. We pledge to donate an ongoing 10% of the net profits made on each and every merchant account participating in the program to Compassion International.

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